- 2.5 Hours ~ Single 750.000 / Couple 1.350.000

  • JuukLengis Foot Ritual ~ Java Experience Massage ~ Instant Glow Facial ~ Sandalwood Lulur Body Scrub ~ Yoghurt Body Polish ~ Royal Balinese Floral Milk Bath

  • In honour of Java’s wellness heritage, Royal Palace Ceremony recreates the journey once taken by royal brides. A refreshing foot wash soothes tired toes while a small bell rings softly to symbolically announce the beginning of this experience. The entire body is lulled into a state of deep relaxation with a healing massage before continuing with a mini facial. To give the skin a radiant glow, the body is then gently exfoliated using a sandalwood lulur paste followed by an application of yoghurt polish. A leisurely soak in a milk bath infused with tropical flowers brings this exotic ritual to a fragrant close.

- 2.5 Hours ~ Single 750.000 / Couple 1.350.000

  • Jasmine Tea Foot Ritual ~ Dancing Silk Body Massage ~Jasmine Black Tea Scrub ~ Honey Black Tea Treat ~ Jasmine Tea &Mint Bath

  • This nurturing treatment has been inspired by the cultural elegance of a traditional tea ceremony. It uses the antioxidant properties of Jasmine tea to give tired skin a new lease of life. A soothing foot wash is followed by a Bhava signature massage to release all traces of muscular tension. Impurities are then gently eliminated from the entire body with a black tea scrub, while a nourishing honey and black tea wrap has a restorative effect on the skin. Then it is time to soak in a warm bath infused with tea and fresh mint leaves for a feeling of personal renewal.

- 2 Hours ~ Single 625.000 / Couple 1.150.000

  • Avocado Foot Ritual ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl ~YlangYlang& Rose Back Scrub ~ Balinese Massage ~ Indian Shirodara ~ Marigold Ayurveda Bath

  • Journey to Serenityimplements the theory of Ayurveda to relieve tension and promote deep relaxation. The feet are first cleansed in a refreshing bath as a singing bowl is sounded to signal the beginning of this wellness journey. A gentle back scrub prepares the body for a therapeutic Balinese massage performed using a blend of healing oils. Next is an Indian Shirodara ritual where a continuous flow of warm oil is poured onto the third eye chakra. The indulgence comes to an end with an Ayurvedic bath infused with fresh marigolds.

- 2 Hours ~ Single 625.000 / Couple 1.150.000

  • Foot Ritual ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl ~ Back Massage ~ Thai Herbal Compress ~ Lemongrass & Herb Milk Bath

  • Channeling the Buddhist concept of enlightenment, Sacred Eastern Healing focuses on promoting deep relaxation and inner peace. A gentle foot wash is followed by the sounding of a gong to balance all seven energy centers of the body known as chakras. The entire back is then massaged using combined thumb friction and palm effleurage to release tension. Then a warm compress filled with healing herbs is placed on different body parts to stimulate circulation and refresh the skin. A lemongrass and herb infused milk bath brings this treatment to a calming close.

- 2 Hours ~ Single 625.000 / Couple 1.150.000

  • Avocado Foot Ritual ~ Balinese Massage ~ Instant Glow Facial ~ Mango & Passion Body Scrub ~ Balinese Citrus Bath

  • Tapping into the nourishing powers of locally grown fruits, this natural treatment has a reviving effect on all skin types. It begins with an avocado foot ritual to cleanse travel-weary toes. This is followed by a traditional Balinese massage using long strokes and finger pressure to restore depleted energy levels. A hydrating facial then gives the skin an instant glow before continuing with a mango and passion mousse scrub for an aroma-sensory experience. This session of personal pampering is finished off with a milk bath infused with Balinese oranges and limes.


*All prices in Indonesian Rupiah and are subject to 21% government tax and service charge.